Worship through song is one of several ways by which we seek to create an atmosphere for the move of the Holy Spirit among us. It is a significant aspect of our total experience. So whether on the worship team or among the congregation, everybody is encouraged to freely express themselves to the Lord.


Children’s Church

We believe Sunday School to be at the heart of achieving Christ’s Great Commission, so we continue to seek ways to make it even more effective. Our Sunday School caters to children from ages 0-2 (infant nursery), through to 12 years old. Volunteers continue to be welcome to join this fun ministry.


Sunday School is currently being held in the Nursery/Boot-Room and in certain rooms upstairs.



Ushers are our “guardian angels” who see to it that we are comfortably seated during the service, the offerings and tithes well received, and attendance taken.



This is a “frontline” ministry – the one that people first encounter when they come to church. If you have a heart for making others feel loved, comfortable and welcome, this is a great place for you. We also believe it could be a powerful vehicle for conveying God’s anointing as people step in the door of our sanctuary.



Our sound equipment was recently upgraded to bring it up to speed with growing expectations. A very great place to serve.



This ministry is equipped to project our worship songs, Bible verses, and PowerPoint presentations onto elevated screens so that we not only hear, but see also. It also handles video and audio production.

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We aim to remain relevant to our city and its environs through service – service brings relevance – so we continue to scan the environment for even better opportunities to make our presence felt in positive ways. People with creative and innovative ideas, and a can-do spirit are always welcome.



Energy, innovation, creativity, thinking outside-the box, and coming up with the weirdest schemes and ideas. When properly channeled, these attributes combine into a wonderful force for great accomplishments. Youth are welcome, as are those who like to serve in this most fulfilling ministry.



We are blessed by testimonies of the tremendous things God is doing through the Missionaries we support in various parts of the world. As we work to position this ministry in response to the changing dynamic in the mission-field, so grows our anticipation of even greater testimonies.


Interested in serving?